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milkha singh family photo

Milkha Singh's Family:

Mr. Milkha Singh and his wife Nirmal
Son, Jeev Milkha Singh and his wife Kudrat

Mikha Singh rome olympics video 

Other Sport Legends:

Sachin Tendulkar

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Milkha Singh,flying sikh,milkha

Milkha Singh - the flying sikh , a well known athlete of India is soon going to become a major film (Bhag Milkha Bhag) directed by  Rakeysh Mehra .Farhan Akhtar and Sonam Kapoor are in a lead roles.

Basic Info-

Name-            Milkha Singh
Born-             8th Oct 1935
Nationality-    Indian
Occupation-   Athlete
Religion-        Sikh
Award-         Padmashri (1959)
Trophies-      Gold Medal (Asian Games 1958) in 200 m and 400 m race
                     Gold Medal (Asian Games 1962) in 200 m

Milkha Singh

Early Life:

Milkha Singh born on 8th oct 1935 in a Sikh family at Faisalabad,Pakistan.He lost his parents in the  partition .He was in the same train when his parents were killed while coming to India.He saved his life by hiding himself among the corpses in the train.He not only survived from this horrific incident but also become one of India's greatest athlete ever.After his parents passed away has only brother and sister who took his care and played a vital part in emerging as India's most known athlete.

Young age:

He had tried to enroll in Indian Army but was rejected thrice. Finally at the age of 17 he joined army's electrical Mech. Engineering branch.


When he was in army his coach Havildar Gurudev Singh inspired him to work hard . He started practising very hard. 
"Milkha Singh was not having any formal training of any kind".

Turning point:

During National Games in Patiyala in 1956 he came into limelight .  Later on he represented India.He  won gold medal in 1958  Asian Games  and one more gold in 1962 Asian Games.

What made Milkha famous:

In Rome Olympics 1960 Milkha become famous all over the world especially in Rome. Milkha's long hairs and beard made him attention seeker as no athlete was having long hairs. Everyone thought he is a saint and were surprised that how he can run that fast. "Milkha himself told that being a Sikh made him famous in Rome olympics". The moment he would enter the stadium, the people would cheer him most enthusiastically. After all Milkha Singh was not the world's top athlete, no doubt he was among the top runners in the world. Though Rome saw the assembly of top athletes, yet no athlete could draw as much response from the crowd as Milkha Singh.

What Happened in Rome Olympics:

 Milkha ranked fourth in Rome Olympics.Milkha was running with dangerous speed in initial stages of the race.So he tried to slow down a bit and that proved the biggest mistake of his judgement .Pitted against athlete of such high reputation only a small error separated the winner from the 

video of 1960 rome olympics:


How Milkha become Flying Sikh:-

In 1962, Milkha got an invitation to race against Abdul Khaliq who was the Asia's best athlete from Pakistan.He was the winner of 200 m race in Asian Games. Milkha was not interested and enthusiastic going to Pakistan because he had lost his parents during partition.Milkha defeated him in a race by the most convincing manner. He ran so fast that everyone thought he was flying not running.

"He got the name THE FLYING SIKH by the pakistani president Ayub Khan".

Sporty Family:-
His son chiranjeev is a noted international golfer wellknown as jeev milkha singh  and his wife Nirmal was a former captain of Indian National Volleyball team. 

Key points about Milkha:-
  1. He reached this peak without any formal training.
  2. without any financial support
  3. without any emotional support
  4. He won 87 of the 90 races he participated.
  5. He donated all his medals to National Sport Museum,Delhi.
  6. He was the first Gold medalist in Commonwealth Game from independent India.

After Retirement:

He was appointed as director of sports in Punjab.
He is a inspiration of todays young athlete.

Interview of Milkha Singh:-

Bhag Milkha Bhag Movie:-

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